2SEDAB’s environmental education activities have a prominent aim of creating awareness and protection for the Kaluveli watershed. The programme works with the Education and Forest Departments, Panchayat presidents and Parent-Teacher’s Associations, to create awareness in schools and in self-help groups. All groups are encouraged to come up with their own solutions to protect the watershed. This is done through nurturing strong Eco-clubs, whose events are activity-based and include many field trips and hands-on discovery. Today, 22 schools offer courses as co-curricular activities, on themes such as Young Healers, Young Botanist, Bird Watching, Physical Health and Hygiene (encouraging the use of EcoFemme pads and spirulina), and Stress Reduction (using mindfulness and laughter therapy techniques from Auroville). Seminars are also conducted on topics such as biodiversity, pollution, water conservation, alternative energy, and local traditions.

Environment Education schools:

Recent Activities

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