Women’s Center Inauguration, Nadukuppam


The women’s center at Nadukuppan has been inaugurated last week! This center will greatly benefit the neighboring Crafts Enterprise, Spirulina Enterprises, Amirtha Herbal Medicine Enterprise, Meera Herbal Food Enterprise and Nursery Enterprise to help facilitate their product processing, packing, accounting, and group meetings.

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Mr. Thiru Gagandeep Singh Bedi, IAS, and Mrs. Amuthavalli, IAS, visit IRD Projects


Mr. Thiru Gagandeep Singh Bedi, IAS, Rural Development Secretary to Government and Mrs. Amuthavalli, IAS, Managing Director of TNCDW visits IRD projects. The above mentioned officers visited the SEDAB and SLI project under IRD in Auroville in the month of 14th February 2015. The SEDAB team explained the projects and displayed the women entrepreneur’s products. The team explained the difficulties, particularly with the Snake Venom and Earth Block enterprises and requested their support. The MD. Mrs. Amuthavalli, conducted a short review with the SEDAB team.


Amirtha Herbal Medicines & Meera Herbal Food – Recognition

On the 30th December 2014, Mrs. Parvathy Nagaraj, who embodies and inspires women’s empowerment and is currently working with SEDAB, received the participatory certificate on behalf of SEDAB for its sustainable livelihood program. The SEDAB project supports women’s enterprises such as Amirtha Herbal Medicines and Meera Herbal Food which the National Medicinal Plants Board has now recognized and celebrated. The program was organized by Vellure District Forest Department. Following the presentation, Amirtha and Meera products sold very well and the beneficiaries continue to earn an increasing income, further empowering themselves in their communities.

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Indian Handicraft Fair and Cultural Program, ‘Ṛtu Samrit’

SEDAB displayed their products at the Indian Handicraft Fair and Cultural Program took place at Auroville Bharatnivas from the 25th – 28th February 2015! ‘Ṛtu Samrit’, meaning – a season of coming together, was a thematic festival based on the states of India. Working in collaboration with institutions that provide a wide spectrum of traditional art of Bharat, ‘Ṛtu Samrit’ will brought out the nation’s ethnic best by bringing forth her intellectual and artistic genius, enhancing the spiritual nuances of our culture.
This took place from 10:00AM onward at the Bharat Nivas campus which was a colorful happy holidaying place of the ‘Ṛtu Samrit’ in collaboration with the Museum of Mankind (an extension of the Ministry of Culture) and AV Bamboo Centre.


SEDAB Enterprises at the Auroville Marathon February 2015

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Thank you to all that participated in organizing and running at the Auroville Marathon ! SEDAB stalls – Amirtha, Meera, AVAL and Surya Spirulina are very happy that you stopped by our tables to buy our herbal dosa, chutneys, spirulina juices, soups, medicines, clothing, and hammocks. We hope you enjoyed the massages from our herbal beautician and henna decorations. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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Chennai Mela attended by AVAL, Meera & Amirtha

On the 19th, 20th, 21st December 2014, Amirtha Herbal Medicines and Meera Herbal Food attended a Chennai Mela for the sales of their herbal products. It was a success, as the women from below the poverty line (BPL) have now proven that they can not only start an enterprise, but they are doing a great job at marketing their products as well ! We are happy that the products were well received and appreciated by many. If you are interested in trying some, do feel free to visit the Kalamam shop at Auroville Visitor’s Center.

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Kamalam – The Women’s Enterprise Products are Reaching the Market!

Picture1 - CopyIf you are interested in products from the women’s enterprises, you can visit Kamalam at the Visitors Center Auroville which was inaugurated in January 2014 for the sale of SEDAB project supported products. The women’s enterprises are looking for more outlets, so if you would like to place an order to any one enterprise, or support us in any way,  please feel most welcome!


Our Success Stories

Village Beautician/Wellness Consultant – Addressing Feminine Health & Hygiene issues in Redefining Local conventions of Beauty


Thanuja 32 years, living with her husband and three children is rising as a successful entrepreneur in Thiruchitrambalam koot road, Vanur block. She moved to Tamil Nadu from Andhra Pradesh after her marriage and she started learning Tamil with the help of her family  and neighbourhood. Now she speaks Tamil very well. For the past 6 years, she has been associated with AVAG (Auroville Village Action Group) as a member of an SHG (Self Help Group)

She came to know about the “Beautician & Women`s Hygiene” training offered by SEDAB. With the motivation of her husband, she successfully completed the training and immediately started a Beauty Parlor near her home. Her Parlor has been functioning since four months. She can able to earn up to Rs.7000 per month. She gladly said that “My husband recognize my income and respects my profession, which is possible only because of this SEDAB training. I have been trained not only for Beautician but also in laughter yoga, energy healing and personality development”.

Herbal Medicines Production – Reviving Traditional Knowledge to improve rural health

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Alamelu- A 30 years, living with her husband and 2 children at Nadukuppam Village of Marakkanam block. Her husband is a farmer. She has been involved in the SHG activities of Pitchandikulam for the past 8 years. During the group meetings, she came to know that there is an opportunity from SEDAB to initiate Herbal Medicine unit at Nadukkuppam.

She utilised this opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the field of Herbal medicine preparation.She actively participated in the training and learnt about the medicinal plants and preparing Herbal medicine & Cosmetics. Now she is able to prepare 18 herbal medicines for major human illness. Currently she has been involved both in the production and marketing section. She states that “There is greater acknowledgement from my family and village on my business. I spend my income for paying interest on my pledged jewels and also the continous support and solidarity from SEDAB, motivate us to concentrate more into the business “

Eco Friendly bag production: Empowerment through Employment

Untitled“I am Thenmozhi; I am from Morattandi village of Vanur block in Villupuram. I am living with my happy family along with my younger brother family. Though my both legs can`t function due to Polio, my enthuse towards being an entrepreneur started when my family started supporting me “She passed 12 standards in her academic carrier and with support of colleagues she joined in a Self Help Group. Nevertheless she has been a role model in her group to fulfill the task allocated to her being in a group.

The day when she heard about SEDAB project, not only she but also the whole family is back of her to support at the max. Today she is in line in producing cloth bags in equivalent to others. His father transport her with his shoulders to handover her stitched products. May be her income is low but still she has pride being living with her lovely family.

Herbal Medicine Production

Our knowledge and skills are highly bonding with wealthy health of the people

UntitledSelvi, 32 years from Vandipaalayam an active member in the Amirtha Herbal unit, recently awarded as “Best Performer in the group”. Her husband Mr.Poobalan works on a daily wage and living with her two lovely children. Before marriage she worked in a sales shop for 10 years, her previous knowledge in sales and management is now giving hand to become an entrepreneur. She talks about various sales strategies in terms of dealing with customers, smiling face, bargaining strategy while dealing with different kinds of people etc… She proudly said that ‘’our Herbal medicine business is exclusively bonded with healing illness of the people”.

When customers bargaining on medicines, she gives detail about its valuable ingredients and their healing power. She says “Even though initially we struggled to reach our medicine into the rural people, now slowly we are recognized and been appreciated by our customers”.
She never bothered when a customer doesn’t buy her medicines, but she used to suggest them the benefit of herbs used in the medicine and her request at their door step to make use. Periodically she meets her customer enquiring about their level of illness. She is in not only an entrepreneur but also a well-wisher to the community she lives in.


Our technical agencies


 Earth Institute is involved in the research, development and promotion of Earth blocks . It offers a variety of national and international training programmes across various skill- levels.

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Upasana is involved in environmental awareness campaigns. With a project like Small Steps which is an eco friendly cloth bag  as an alternative to plastic bags, it is providing livelihood opportunities and supporting women empowerment.

Bamboo logo

Bamboo Centre is involved in bamboo research to develop new products. It provides vocational training and employment for youth and women.

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Eco- femme aims at  creating awareness among women on menstrual hygiene related issues. It produces and promotes reusable cotton sanitary pads.

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Well paper provides alternative livelihood to deprived families from the bio- region. It’s two main goals are to develop and promote products made of recycled material and to provide self-empowerment and livelihood for women.