Pottery Enterprise


Beautiful Pottery! One of SEDAB project’s newly emerging enterprises – the Pottery unit in Munnur. The Munnur region is famous for its expertise in pottery, and in order to ensure the survival of this traditional handicraft, SEDAB is supporting the formation of this women and men’s group run enterprise.

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Mr. Thiru Gagandeep Singh Bedi, IAS, and Mrs. Amuthavalli, IAS, visit IRD Projects


Mr. Thiru Gagandeep Singh Bedi, IAS, Rural Development Secretary to Government and Mrs. Amuthavalli, IAS, Managing Director of TNCDW visits IRD projects. The above mentioned officers visited the SEDAB and SLI project under IRD in Auroville in the month of 14th February 2015. The SEDAB team explained the projects and displayed the women entrepreneur’s products. The team explained the difficulties, particularly with the Snake Venom and Earth Block enterprises and requested their support. The MD. Mrs. Amuthavalli, conducted a short review with the SEDAB team.


Hammock Enterprise Inauguration

A new Hammock Enterprise was inaugurated at Kootroad on the 18th February 2015. This t unit is owned and run by 8 women. We would like to thank Auroville’s Ambalam Hammock unit for training the women who volunteered from Self Help Groups in the nearby regions. The inauguration took place with the presence of the Panchayat, members from AVAG, Pitchandikulam and the women entrepreneurs.

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Exposition of Meera Herbal Food and Amirtha Herbal Medicine at Pondicherry University

This exposition at the Pondicherry University was organized by its Business Management department. SEDAB enterprises were invited to participate at the exhibition, as we are working social enterprise model to empower village women. The beneficiary women attended displaying their sustainable products, and it was motivating to share the Amirtha Herbal Medicine and Meera Herbal Food stories with the students and professors who appreciated the products and effort. This took place on the 5th & 6th of February 2015.

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Amirtha Herbal Medicines & Meera Herbal Food – Recognition

On the 30th December 2014, Mrs. Parvathy Nagaraj, who embodies and inspires women’s empowerment and is currently working with SEDAB, received the participatory certificate on behalf of SEDAB for its sustainable livelihood program. The SEDAB project supports women’s enterprises such as Amirtha Herbal Medicines and Meera Herbal Food which the National Medicinal Plants Board has now recognized and celebrated. The program was organized by Vellure District Forest Department. Following the presentation, Amirtha and Meera products sold very well and the beneficiaries continue to earn an increasing income, further empowering themselves in their communities.

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