Our technical agencies


 Earth Institute is involved in the research, development and promotion of Earth blocks . It offers a variety of national and international training programmes across various skill- levels.

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Upasana is involved in environmental awareness campaigns. With a project like Small Steps which is an eco friendly cloth bag  as an alternative to plastic bags, it is providing livelihood opportunities and supporting women empowerment.

Bamboo logo

Bamboo Centre is involved in bamboo research to develop new products. It provides vocational training and employment for youth and women.

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Eco- femme aims at  creating awareness among women on menstrual hygiene related issues. It produces and promotes reusable cotton sanitary pads.

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Well paper provides alternative livelihood to deprived families from the bio- region. It’s two main goals are to develop and promote products made of recycled material and to provide self-empowerment and livelihood for women.


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